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Your Roof Keeps You Safe and Dry, it's the most important home improvement you will make.

Our in house Roofing Division has over 100 years combined experience. Our roofers have been with us for over 10 years and we do not do piece work, meaning our roofers are not trying to work fast to earn money, Instead they work to make sure our roofs never leak no matter how long it takes.


We can do Clay roofs, Metal tile roofs, Cement tile roofs, Composition shingle roofs, Flat Torch down roofs to name a few.

If you have a tile roof often the felt under the tile is "baked" meaning the tar felt paper has rips, tears, turns to dust upon touching it. Often there is only one flashing on penetrations and water runs right down to the felt when it rains and into the home.

Many Solar contractors will just install over it and then when you have a leak you will now have an extra cost to remove the solar to relay the felt. If you have a tile roof call us before you go solar with someone else. The big companies are especially guilty of this shady type of sales and install practice. A new roof and solar with us is often less than what the big solar companies charge just for the solar.


Solar systems typically have 30-100 attachments to your roof. Don't trust your roof to a Solar company that is not a licensed roofer. They do not know how to flash the penetrations correctly. Every roof type is different and the "solar flashings" they use only work on a small number of roof types. When your roof leaks your home has serious damage



Contractors and homeowners can make one contract with us for a new roof, complete electrical and lighting package, solar electric, solar water systems. When you bundle two or more trades we offer deep discounts on the package. We save as we are on site already and you save. One contractor to work with and one call to make. The solar and roof and electrical are all tied together with us, keeping your construction project and warranties simple.

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