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SCWC-and-Mercotac-076-1140x395.jpgWe understand the importance of renewable energy and how to install systems correctly.

At San Diego Solar we are committed to quality workmanship and American Made Solar and Roofing Products.

We know how to install solar, electrical and roofing correctly so your roof won't leak and the PV system will perform for a 50 year design life.

Most all of our competition only is skilled in one of the three trades needed for installing Solar PV systems. We are journeymen electricians, journeyman roofers and journeyman solar pv installers. We are one of the only companies that can offer complete electrical services, complete roofing services and complete solar services all under one contract.

Some of the electrical and roofing services can be considered as part of the solar pv installation if they are required to install the solar system. This can help you get a bigger tax credit if your buying for cash or get a new roof included in your loan payments.

000_0065-1140x395.jpgOften even with a new service or roofing added into the contract or loan payments are still less than your current electric bill.

San Diego Solar Services;

  • Reroofing and new synthetic roof underlayment for tile roofs and composition shingle, flat torchdown roofing.
  • New Service upgrades to 200amp, 225amp and 400amp.
  • New home electrical, remodel electrical and commercial electrical upgrades.
  • Heatpump Water heater installations
  • Generators for back up power during grid outages

All services can be combined under one cash contract or loan to make the best financial option for your situation.

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9/15/2014  Alan W.

After consulting with no less than five solar contractors, we were so glad that our neighbor had Dirk install his very large commercial grade panels and he was very satisfied with his solar system. Our 8,000 watt system consists of 40 panels and has been up and running now for 10 months. Our meter spins backwards faster than it ever ran forward, even with the pool pump and A/C on! Dirk is the owner and was personally involved with every aspect of the planning, permits, installation and rebate process.

The county inspector  said that it is very rare to have an inspection pass on the first time, but he congratulated Dirk on a fine job and everything passed right away with no problems. Even when the power went off for a full day during the high winds up in the mountains, we were able to plug into the inverters in the garage and use the electricity directly from the panels as long as the sun was shining - so nice to not have to start up the generator to keep the refrigerator and communication devices running.

My wife and I would definitely recommend Dirk to anyone who asks, and since our system was set up two of my friends have used his company and are also very happy. It is amazing how expensive the big companies are when you compare dollars to watts. There was a huge markup on the panels and installation with many of the other companies we considered. What was also interesting was the most expensive company also had the worst reviews!

If you are even just considering going solar, and we are sure glad that we did, you owe it to yourself to check around but don't decide until you talk to Dirk. He is very low key and really knows his stuff, as he is also the electrician who personally made the connections. Thanks so much for taking care of us and doing everything as promised! One more thing: he also re-roofed half of our house where the panels would go as the original roofers had not done a very good job, and the extra cost for this was about a third of what it would have cost to hire a separate roofing company, plus the cost all went towards the solar installation so we were able to take advantage of a bigger tax break. Go Solar - you will be glad you did, and thanks again Dirk for a wonderful experience from start to finish!

2/4/2016 Ione S.

We love our solar electricity! Dirk and Brad explained all of our options. They took the time to examine several options and help us design a system that was perfect for us. As a custom residential architect function and aesthetics are both very important to me. They helped us design a system that is practically hidden from view but yet is using the optimal panel locations for generating the most electricity. The crew that installed the panels were thoughtful and patient in answering all of my questions. They kept a clean and organized job site and efficiently installed the system in less than a week. We found them purely by recommendation from an Engineer I work with. I am so glad we used them and will be recommending them to all my clients and friends.

9-15-2015 Dan N. 

Before going with San Diego Solar, I received quotes from others, including people I knew in the industry.  Dirk gave me the best price.  But price was just the beginning.  He determined exactly how many panels were best for my install by studying past electric bills.  He and his crew did a fantastic job timely installing and explaining the system to me.  Dirk helped with the rebates and always took time to answer all my questions (and I had a lot).  In my experience, Dirk is not only an expert in the field he is also an honest businessman that is great to work with.  Thanks to San Diego Solar, I either have no electric bill (summer months) or a very small electric bill.

Dirk and his team were great! I have told all my colleagues about him.

2-22-2015 Waldo W.

I had contacted several solar installers (including the big guys) and either got empty promises or felt like I was getting a sales pitch. I never felt confident that I wasn't being taken advantage of.

But Dirk was different. He actually took into account my situation and advised me what I really needed and how I could expand my system in the future instead of overselling me. He showed me where I could save money and talked me out of extras I didn't need. He did what was best for me, not what was easiest/cheapest for him.

Dirk and his crew showed up exactly when he told me he would start my install and finished on time. They cleaned up everyday. He even showed me that some of the seals on my roof were cracking and offered to fix them while he was up there anyway.

I couldn't be happier with my solar and I know I got a good install and at a fantastic price. The other guys quotes I now know were WAY inflated. I'm so glad I used Dirk and not some company that recently just jumped on the solar bandwagon.

Call Dirk for a quote. You won't be sorry.

4/12/2016 Paula A.

These guys were amazing! If you are looking for an honest, fair and knowledgeable team who perform clean work, this is the best solar company out there. I had a few quotes and these guys delivered exactly what they promised and went out of their way to accommodate our association guidelines. Our system is up and running and we already have saved hundreds of dollars and well on our way to $0 monthly electric bill!!

1/6/2016 Jerry C.

San Diego Solar came highly recommended and they did not disappoint.  Very professional, always on time, always did what they said they would do.  Rarely do I bother writing anything on Yelp because most just don't live up to my expectations so rather than give a luke warm review I just remain silent.  Not only are Dirk and Brad great to work with they also hire excellent people.  Somehow 5 Stars just does not seem enough for San Diego Solar.  Thanks guys for a job well done.

12/22/2015 Greg K.

San Diego Solar crushed it out of the park when it came to service and reliability.  We were worried about getting it installed by the end of the year and they made it happen.  We interviewed a bunch of different companies and SD Solar was by far the best price and value for our dollar. 

Dirk and Brad are excellent salesman and stand behind their work.  I have recommended them to many other friends who are jumping on board the solar bandwagon.

10/5/2014 Brady B.

San Diego Solar goes above and beyond to make sure a quality solar solution is installed.  Starting with the owner Dirk Hosmer who personally oversees and works on my entire project.  I've dealt with many contractors over the years and I can honestly say that Dirk stands alone in responsiveness, reliability, communication and most important to me, providing a bid and sticking to it with no "add-ons".  His upfront estimate was exactly what the total cost ended up being, which in the contracting arena seems to be unheard of.  Prior to choosing San Diego Solar I did my due diligence in researching all potential solar solutions and I got multiple bids.  Without hesitation or reservation I highly recommend San Diego Solar!


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